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Why our customers choose a Bird bike …

John – Aeris 145: 1st ride out yesterday and I was blown away by the 145. Compared to my Santa Cruz Bronson it was soo stable and confidence inspiring. I was getting PR’s without even trying.
Tim – Aeris 120: Just wanted to let you know that I am absolutely loving my new Bird Aeris 120. Clocked up some miles on it now and I simply can’t fault it. It’s so bloody fast, stable and sorted, it’s amazing!!
I tried a lot of demo bikes before this (inc Whyte, Orange, Specialized) but this just stood out as the best for me.

Daniel – Zero AM: After riding my favorites trails with my new Bird Zero AM Eagle Bike, i’m so happy about my new Dream Machine.
I was a little bit nervous before my first ride, because I just bought this bike without having a testride on it.
After a few km’s on my firts trail, i was so glad I got this Bird. Never felt better before an a bike. It just feels right.

– Climbs like a ‘Steinbock’
– Rock solid on the way down
– Fun to ride on any single trail

Alex – Zero TR: Had my TR now for a month or so. I tested a fair few bikes beforehand (including Whyte hardtails).
I can say this is by far the best hike I tried. It literally eats up the miles and can handle the technical stuff really well too.
It was a very tough decision between the AM and TR. In the end using the bike for commuting swung it for me. Do try both bikes if you get the opportunity though, and talk to the guys at Bird as well. They designed the bikes so there are no better experts!
Great post sales support as well, thanks guys!

Remco – Aeris 145: Really as I would run my own company. Really helpful with answering questions and letting me change my specs during the Aeris 145 pre order (actually changed it a lot and they coped with it). Overall great communication from each of the guys. Would advise everyone to buy a Bird bike. A small point of feedback is that they added option during the pre order fase. Had to find out through the website instead of being offered a change. But in the end I have the best bike I could find. The Aeris 145 is great quality. Having ridden it a couple of months now and using it during Enduro and down hill tracks in Italy and Austria. My old Canyon Spectral stays in the shed and is looking for a new owner now.

Ben – Zero AM: By far the best customer service I’ve ever received! I was an annoying customer right from the start and yet they took every question with a smile, the guys running Bird will go out of their way to make sure you get the bike for you! Plus their bikes really are the dogs danglies. I’m faster on my Zero AM than I was on my full sus enduro bike and I’ve only just got it!

Nick – Aeris 145: Epic first ride on my new Aeris 145 56km, 1650 ascent, some riding, some hiking, wet feet but smiles all around ?. The bike is absolutely in another league from my old Lapierre, riding rocky descents blind off the brakes just full of confidence and yet being able to scale the climbs with ease aswell. I am in awe.

Jonny – Aeris: Today is the birthday of my Bird. I ride 9 miles to work through woodland and fields and 9 miles back at least three times a week, usually more than three days. Through thick wet mud, snow and dust… I’ve built jumps and hit trees, that’s just over 2,800 miles. Then as many evenings as I can, and every weekend I smash my bird down as many gnarly trails as I can, jumping, hucking, dropping and crashing. I’ve no idea how many extra miles this is, but my weekend rides are around 4 hours each…
That is thousands and thousands of miles in one year and the only thing I’ve had to change is a headset bearing.
As an ex pro surfer I’m used to just grabbing a board from the van and going surfing… there was no set up bullshit. I’m not one of those guys who set up, tweak, and fettle bikes. I only changed my bars because I crashed on Dartmoor and the Aeris dropped about 15 feet onto granite and it bent my bars… I just want to get my bike and go… get back and ride fast.

No other bike has withstood my shitty ownership. YT Capra’s, Specialized Stumpy’s and Lapierre Zesty’s have all died. As I’ve got faster and faster, I’ve abused my Aeris more than any other bike. But what a bike. I adore it, it is my pain killer, my enabler to my addiction, my smile vendor.

Thank you Bird Cycleworks for such an incredible bike, it has genuinely made my year. It has allowed me to go further, harder, faster and longer than ever before. I absolutely adore my bike.

Justin – Zero AM: Currently recovering from a day at bike park Wales on the Zero AM XL.
This thing just gobbles up the rocks and drops.. I did every thing that’s not “black” no problems no falls and almost kept up with my mate and his YT Capra.. Although to be honest he would be faster than me on unicycle.
I’ve moved from a full sus Canyon to a hardtail Bird, I’m faster, I’m having more fun and I think I’m improving my skills..!
Bring on the Aeris!

Alfie – Aeris: I took an aeris out for a demo last week to swinley and loved it. Picked up my new one yesterday and took it for a “proper” test at tidworth freeride today. To be honest I was originally unsure about my decision to sell my Giant Glory and buy the Bird Aeris but I was so wrong! This bike is a weapon I’ve been grinning like a Cheshire Cat all morning and I think I’m already going faster than before! Thanks so much for the amazing bike and the outstanding service.

Nick – Aeris: These guys are amazing, I finally got the sign off for a new bike and the Aeris was in my top 3 bikes to try. Compared to the others it just feels right, planted great fun and even good on the pedaling bits ( which shocked me). The Team at Bird are outstanding not only have I had a million questions but their knowledge overall and the time they dedicate to their customers is something you won’t get from other companies. I had my heart set on the green and even when they had no stock Ben managed to find one. Honestly if you are looking for a new bike at a good price with awesome customer service and a life time warranty buy a Bird!! Thanks for all the help guys see you when I get sign off for the hard tail.

Tony – Aeris: Received my Bird Aeris today, and must say even round the block….. awesome! can’t wait to try it on the trails. A big thanks to Ben and Dave for firstly helping me get the right frame size and also squaring away delivery to suit me. Excellent company and great service, think I’m a convert! (Giant lover for over 10years)