Aether 9C

Our first carbon fibre composite bike.

Since the beginning of Bird we have known that Carbon would be part of our story.

The question was when, and what?

Designing in Carbon composite presents some unique opportunities.  Frame stiffness can be dramatically increased, and shapes can be achieved that are difficult or impossible when working with metal alloys.

Our Aether range of bikes are designed to put the fun back into your trails. They’re true do it all bikes that are just as happy on all day adventures in the mountains as on your local trails.

Introducing 29″ wheels to the Aether range means the 9C carries more speed over rough terrain while maintaining the ride character that makes Aether such fun:

  • Super short back end for playful handling
  • Roomy front end provides stability and comfort
  • Slack head angle boosts downhill confidence
  • Low bottom bracket for carving turns

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