Transfer Your Warranty

Bird is pretty unique in offering a warranty on your bike, not on your ownership of it. That means when you come to sell it should you want to, the warranty can transfer to someone else if you should wish to do so. Awesome eh?

To make this happen just fill in this form. Please be aware of a few things however:

  • We will not contact the third party (buyer) to confirm transfer – this is your responsibility.
  • Warranty transfers must be made within 2 years of the original purchase date.
  • If you enter the serial number*, order number or order date of the bike incorrectly and down the line the buyer has a warranty issue, their warranty will be invalid so please ensure these are correct.
  • Only the frame warranty is transferrable, and subject to the limitations as set out in our warranty policy. No component warranties (including the shock) are transferrable via Bird, irrespective of brand or any extended warranty offered on those parts in respect to transfers.

Your bike’s serial number can be found on the top of your check sheet which was supplied with the bike as well as the underside of the bottom bracket shell. Please be sure to double check the serial on your sheet against the BB shell as we are not liable for any issues which may arise from the incorrect completion of that sheet.

Bird Frame Warranty Transfer

Fill out this form to transfer the warranty to a new owner. Please note we accept no responsibility if the information provided is incorrect.

  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • The serial number is located underneath the bottom bracket
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY