Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I build a Bird bike myself?

A: No, all our bikes are fully assembled and checked in our UK factory before preparing for shipment to our customers.

Q: Are the wheels and tyres tubeless?

A: Yes, all our wheels are set up tubeless in our UK factory, with sealant in. Just set your tyre pressure and ride!

Q:  Can I specify parts for my Bird bike that are not listed on the Bird website?

A: Yes, but when we buy parts in from UK distributors they are typically more expensive than the OEM parts we import ourselves and the price of the bike will increase

Q: Can you sell me individual parts?

A: Most of our stock is OEM and can only be sold as part of a complete bike. We do usually have some retail parts for sale which are listed for sale under the components and spare section of our website.

Q: Do you have a size chart or guide?

A: Yes, click here

Q: Where can I find technical information about Bird frames?

A: We have a list of frame data sheets here

Q: How long will it take for my bike to be built?

A: We aim to ship all frames within 5 working days from being in stock to shipment. For complete bikes the lead time varies from around a week from when all parts are in stock during winter, to 3 weeks in spring/summer, please contact us for a more accurate estimate. During busy periods this can get longer, we build bikes as fast as we can, in order of oldest order first.

Q: How do I loosen and tighten the pivot axles?


  1. Undo the collet bolt on the non drive side, anti-clockwise. It does not need to be removed completely, just unscrewed until it is loose.
  2. Undo the pivot axle. When you are standing on the drive side of the bike it is CLOCKWISE TO UNSCREW.


1. With the collet bolt on the non drive side loose, assemble the axle – anti-clockwise to tighten when standing on the drive side of the bike.
2. Screw the collet bolt on the non drive side in until it starts to contact the collet axle around the edge (but not so that the collet starts to expand).
3. Tighten the axle from the drive side, anti clockwise until 10Nm is achieved.
4. Tighten the collet bolt on the non drive side, clockwise until 7Nm is achieved.

Q: Which countries do you ship to?


ZoneCountriesComplete BikeFrameset
UK (main)United Kingdom£35£20
UK (remote)Postcodes: ZE KW IV HS BT IM GY JE£72£42
Europe Zone 1Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden£140£75
Europe Zone 2Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Switzerland£160£115
North AmericaUSA, Canada£285£225

All international Bike orders now come as build kits requiring basic tools and some mechanical competency to assemble. VAT and Import duties are calculated as per our International Orders page.