Aether 7

“The Aether displayed some of the best handling characteristics… one of the most exhilerating riders around – stable yet agile, quick yet predictable.”


Æther 7 is our freshest trail bike for maximising fun on the trails. We combined modern aggressive enduro geometry with “just enough” suspension to keep you connected with the trail.

It’s a different kind of trail bike, designed to shred trail centre and man made bike-park style trails on which we spend so much of our time.

Our latest kinematic fine-tuning offers supple traction when you need it without sacrificing the ability to stamp on the pedals for maximum acceleration when you want it. Combining with the steep seat angle with slack head angle to keep your weight centred when climbing and boost confidence and stability when descending.

Chainstays are super short for playful handling when pumping and railing corners. Aether loves to jump too, with nicely poppy rear suspension to send you airborne when you want to, or to support you when you load it up.

What else is new? Well, our 3rd generation geometry reduces seat tube length so that you can run even longer dropper posts – 200mm is the choice for most riders, made possible with long straight sections, and a new externally butted tube to allow for deep reaming of the seat tube.

Stand over has also been increased, and improved tyre and heel clearance means mud clearance for up to 2.6″ tyres, all while reducing the chance of heel rub.

We’ve kept the external, low bend cable routing we’re known for. Giving you the best shifting performance and no cable rub or rattle.

Is this the bike for you? One that blasts everywhere and pops of everything? It isn’t made for smashing the downhill tracks, but it will do that as well if you choose to. Its a bike that takes advantage of the acceleration and agility of 27.5 wheels, and never dulls down the thrill of riding a trail.

The Aether 7. A crazy fast, fun trail bike, and we’re proud of it.

XL ÆTHER 7 in Raw


  • 27.5″ Wheels
  • 140mm front suspension
  • 130mm rear suspension
  • Bird phase 3 trail geometry – 65° head angle, 76° seat angle
  • Short seat tubes to maximise dropper post length
  • Super Short 425mm chainstays
  • Low bottom bracket
  • 2.6″ tyre and mud clearance
  • Continuous gear cable outers for maximum mud protection
  • Every bike custom assembled in the UK to order
  • Hundreds of component choices with millions of combinations of parts and colours
  • SRAM or Shimano drivetrains with your choice of SRAM, Shimano or Hope brakes

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