Cycle To Work

Bird has partnered with all the big Cycle to Work schemes so you can benefit from tax savings on your next bike. Many employers now have no limit on the certificate value, so by using your employers’ scheme you can build your dream Bird bike or frameset and save money.

To administer the schemes, Cycle to Work companies charge a commission to the shop where the voucher is being used. This commission is in the form of a percentage of the voucher value, and each scheme charges the businesses a different amount. We cover you for the first 10% to a maximum contribution of £300. Over this you will pay the difference.

To work the fee out we do some simple maths. The bike is £3500 in our examples.

Example 1 – vouchers over 10%. If you have a 15% voucher, you need to think of the voucher as 10 and 5% in order to do the maths.

For the 10% that would be £350, but we cover your first £300, so only £50 to pay.
For the 5%, that would be £175, and this time you pay it all, so the total fee is £225

Example 2 – Vouchers up to and including 10%

This time the whole 10% is covered up to £300.
So if you have a GCI 7% fee then you would have a commission of £245, which is entirely covered by us.
If you have a CycleScheme 10% fee, this is capped at £300, so always covered by us.
If you have a Bike To Work 10% fee, this would be £350, and so £50 to pay.

Cycle to Work SchemeCommission Added
Cyclescheme10% (Capped at £300)
Green Commute Initiative7%
MyBenefitsWorldNo Charge

** We do not accept Vivup vouchers.

We understand that not everyone has access to a cycle to work scheme, and instead of raising our prices across our full range, we choose to pass on the commission charged by the cycle to work company to the customer. Under the terms of our agreement with the cycle to work schemes, and unlike most bike shops, we can do that.

If you’d like to go ahead it’s really easy; just select Cycle To Work at the checkout (nothing to pay there and then), email us your Cycle To Work info, and we’ll be in touch to sort out vouchers and any payments required.