About Bird

Bird is the brainchild of Ben Pinnick & Dan Hodge, fanatical MTBers with a long history of riding and racing.

We wanted to build bikes how we build them for ourselves, not just models designed to fill in a range. We knew to do this we’d need to rethink everything we knew about bikes, and come up with our way of doing things.

To make this vision come true we’re not just making bikes, we’re changing the way everything works. From using just in time manufacturing techniques, local sourced parts as much as possible, assembling everything in the UK, ditching the idea of model years and releasing bikes just when they’re ready. Everything about Bird is different.

About Our Bikes

At bird we don’t have any catalogue frames. For those of you who don’t know what we mean, a catalogue frame is one which is produced by a manufacturer and then rebadged a dozen times for other brands. Every Bird bike is designed from the ground up by us. In order to keep the price of our bikes keen, we sell direct from our north Hampshire factory.

Our ethos is simple:

Build great bikes that will stand up to the rigors of trail riding, while offering a totally sorted handling bike. We don’t want to build the lightest XC bikes, there’s alot of those about already, we’re building trail bikes and we’re proud of it.

We focus first on the ride, second on the whole package, and never on the ‘marketing ploy’. You won’t find rear mech upgrades on our bikes, or sneaky downgrades in components you probably don’t know or look too closely at until they let you down. Every component on every Bird is one we’d personally be 100% happy riding for the rest of our lives.

All of our wheels are set up tubeless with sealant in – just set your desired tyre pressure and ride.

Complete bikes are delivered with minimal assembly required. Before shipment each bike is fully assembled and checked, before preparing for shipping.  When you receive your bike you will need to do the following:

  • Attach the rear mech hanger (2 screws)
  • Attach the handlebars (4 screws)
  • Fit the wheels (quick release or hex key depending on model)
  • Set up your suspension (25-30% sag is recommended)
  • Set your tyre pressures (20-30psi for average riders)
  • Attach your pedals
  • Go ride!