Aether 9C – Shimano 12 Speed – Imperfect* Paint

*Some of our latest batch of Aether 9C frames have a paint finish that isn’t up to our usual high standards.  In general the clearcoat finish is a lot more matt than we were expecting, and there is some variation in the overall finish and tone of the clearcoat and paint (for example one side of the frame being a  darker shade of green than the other, or some of the clearcloat being rough and “dusty”).  All the frames are mechanically perfect and brand new.  Due to the number of frames with variable paint and clearcoat quality we can’t offer photos of each and every frame, but in our view most people will not notice the imperfect finish, especially once the bike has been ridden, got dirty and washed a few times (like they should be!). So grab a bargain while you can!