Coil Spring Rates

We have created a spring rate calculator according to each frames individual suspension kinematics.

How to use?

  1. Look up your weight including riding gear.
  2. Read across the line for your weight. The intersections of the coloured spring rate curves give you the % sag for each spring rate with one turn of preload.

In this example, an 80kg rider on our AM9 with RRR linkage will produce just over 28% sag with a 400lbs spring (yellow) and 32% sag with a 350lbs spring (orange)

Aether 7

Aether 9
Aether 9c
Aeris 9 & Aeris AM
Aeris AM9
Aeris AM160 & 145 LT
Aeris Mk1 & 1.5
Aeris 120