Setting Up Your Bird

Once your bike is assembled you need to set fork and shock pressures as well as check the tyres. There’s tons of information out there on shock set up, so we’ve gathered a little from the internet for you. We’d also recommend you check out other resources online such as this guide from Enduro MTB Magazine –

Before you master the suspension set up be sure to check your tyre pressures. Tyres from Bird are set up tubeless so if you haven’t had them before you need to get familiar with that too. Here’s some tips for you – we’ve done all the set up of course, you just need to know how look after them –

We’d recommend that you check the pressures before every ride. Everyone is different so there’s no such thing as an absolute pressure you should run. As a guide to get you started why not try these:

Rider Weight / StyleRegular Set UpWith Cush Core Pro
Light / Smooth25 psi20-25 psi
Average / Average28psi23-28 psi
Heavy / Aggressive30psi25-30 psi

Setting up Fork & Shock Sag (RockShox)

How to set your RockShox Fork Sag
How To Set Your Shock Sag

Setting Up Your Fork and Shock Sag (Fox)

Set your Fox Shocks up the Fox way