Aeris Mk1.5 Chainstays

$ 308.98

Replacement chainstays for the Aeris Mk1.5. Also compatible with the Mk1 Aeris, but please note that the Mk1.5 chainstays are only compatible with single front chainrings.

When fitting to a Mk1 Aeris a kit of parts is required in order to fit the Mk1.5 chainstays – this comprises of a longer pivot axle and a 5mm drive side spacer.

When fitting to the Mk1 Aeris the tyre clearance is increased to take a 2.5″ tyre.

No graphics / decals.  Please note that slight variations do happen from batch to batch of paints, so although the paint codes are identical to the original paint there may be small variations in the tone or colour.

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