Why Buy Direct?

We’re mountain bikers. Through and through. It feels like we’ve been riding as long as we could walk. We know what your bike means to you and we’ve transferred our desires about bike buying straight into Bird. Here’s our top reasons to buy direct from Bird:


Ok it seems a bit obvious, but have you checked out our prices? And we don’t skimp when it comes to building our bikes. From the choice of bottom bracket, to the spec of our frames, every component is picked by us to ensure a long and stress free life for your Bird.

Bird is better value because we go direct to the factory, and bring it straight to you. No wholesaler or distributor, no retailer to add some more margin. Our bikes are great value and delivered to your door.

And before you ask… yes every Bird bike is designed by us in the UK and built to our exact specifications. We do all the same finite element analysis, cad modelling and testing the big guys do.


We’ve taken the bike model to a new level. Each Bird model has tens of thousands of possible model variants. We allow you to customise the most important contact points of your bike to get it exactly the way you want it. A lot of those being free of charge.

Passion and Knowledge

We don’t just know our bikes, we live our bikes. We ride them everyday, with various components changing all the time, we know what works and what doesn’t. We know why we spec’ed that component and what it means. Contrary to what you might think we’re convinced that buying direct gives you the most impartial opinion going – that of someone that really knows the bike.


Imagine something does go wrong. Who do you want to deal with? The local shop, the distributor, the brand? All three? If you have a problem with a Bird we deal with you direct. No waiting for stock, no sending your bike half way round the world for an opinion. A simple phone call and a picture sent will normally be enough for us to make a call on your issue and deal with it quickly and efficiently. The buck stops with us and no-one else.

No More Model Years

We believe strongly that model years are a thing of the past. Why wait months for delivery of next years model? Why buy a bike whose colourway will be immediately out of date? At Bird we’ve ditched model years in favour of an ‘up-to-date-as-possible’ model.

Assembly Not Required

Many bikes bought online still need some assembly. Bikes are packed in tight boxes in cunning ways to save on shipping overseas from the factory. Bird bikes ship in nice big roomy boxes. Big enough that the bike comes fully assembled to your door… well almost. All you need to do is pop the wheels on, attach the bar to the stem, rear mech to the frame (a nice multi tool is provided), set your tyre pressure and go ride!

Demo Bikes

Sounds odd we know… demo bikes from a direct company? Well it’s true. We have an extensive demo fleet available to try, and are rolling out our fleet to hire centres all over the UK, and sometime soon to the wider world. Does your local shop carry the bikes you want in demo stock? Probably not. Do they carry every size? Almost certainly not. Will they change up the spec to fit you? I think we all know the answer to that question.

Right now you can demo our bikes from our premises in Eversley.