Aeris AM160

You asked – we delivered. 160mm of travel out back, up to 170mm up front, but still light enough to ride all day, and quick enough for the biggest leg-burner climbs.


Where the Aeris 145 was ahead of its time, the Aeris AM160 is ahead of the Pack.

The Aeris AM160 Features:

  • 6061 T6 2nd Generation Aeris Frameset
  • 3Kg frame weight (ML)
  • 160mm of travel with progressive leverage to deliver a lively ride at the start of the stroke, and support deep into the travel.
  • Suited to both modern air and coil shocks
  • Popular and well supported 230*65 shock size, with standard 8*30 mount size for bearing and standard mount compatibility.
  • Clearance for 27.5″ x 2.6″ tyres
  • 5 sizes & 3 colour choices, combined with our custom builder to give 1000s upon 1000s of possible builds.


We take pride in our in house developed frame geometry.  Our bikes are long and roomy without feeling stretched out. When you ride a Bird your body weight is perfectly distributed between the wheel axles, resulting in supreme stability and confidence.  Our long front ends keep the front wheel planted to the ground on steep climbs while giving you extra breathing room. Nice.

A word on chain stay lengths; some like it short, some like it long.  We like it balanced.  While super short chain stays can make a bike feel playful and easy to wheelie, they also shift your weight towards the rear axle, meaning you have to work harder to load up the front wheel during corners.  Really long chain stays provide stability at speed but also suck a lot of the fun out of riding and can make a bike handle like an oil tanker.  The Aeris AM160, like the 145, strikes a balance between stability at speed and sharp handling in the tight and twisting trails you love to ride.