• Thanks again for sorting my bike out in time for the nationals. So i took the lean green enduro machine to Swinley after picking her up and initial verdict is smiles for miles!! Felt at home quite quickly and started to push it a bit to see what i could do, well thanks Ben for the rim choice as the grip is phenomenal!! The bike feels amazing and i am chuffed to bits, i love my mk1 but also cant wait to get on the new one again and see how it goes. Such a confidence bike! Love it, well […]

    Paul – Aeris 145

  • The Bird AM Zero arrived and was quickly assembled (simple), gorgeous looking bike! Went to the Quantock hills for a first ride to test out the set up. Considering I normally ride a full sus bike – this addition to the my line up was awesome and rode oh so well – composed, fast and agile ! Loved it – I made a great choice Thanks indeed

    Guy – Zero AM

  • Epic first ride on my new Aeris145 56km, 1650 ascent, some riding, some hiking, wet feet but smiles all around 😀. The bike is absolutely in another league from my old Lapierre, riding rocky descents blind off the brakes just full of confidence and yet being able to scale the climbs with ease aswell. I am in awe. At Bike Park Wales the bike absolutely blew my socks off. I don’t know why I specced zee brakes, cos I barely touched the brakes – I have never braked so LITTLE on an uplift day I was able to just send […]

    Nick – Aeris 145

  • Today is the birthday of my Bird. I ride 9 miles to work through woodland and fields and 9 miles back at least three times a week, usually more than three days. Through thick wet mud, snow and dust… I’ve built jumps and hit trees, that’s just over 2,800 miles. Then as many evenings as I can, and every weekend I smash my bird down as many gnarly trails as I can, jumping, hucking, dropping and crashing. I’ve no idea how many extra miles this is, but my weekend rides are around 4 hours each… That is thousands and thousands […]

    Jonny – Aeris