Trailhead Demo – Cwmcarn Full Day

£ 50.00

Demo a Bird at your favourite trail centre! Thats right we’re now offering demos at trail centres in the UK, including Cwmcarn. Ride the excellent Twrch and Cafell trails for a full day on a demo bike of your choice.

While we supply the demo bike at our cost, the majority of the charge for your demo goes straight to the trail head store that supplies the bike, helping to support the trails you love to ride, and the people that work there.

Don’t forget once your demo is complete you’ll be able to get a full refund of the demo fee against the purchase of a new Bird using the code we email to you when you book.

For more information on Cwmcarn and its trails visit Our demo partner store is PS Cycles, located right in the car park at the trail head. Be sure to say hi to the team there from us!