RockShox Super Deluxe Coil Ultimate RCT 210*55 with MRP SL Coil (406g No Spring)

$ 779.35

No-nonsense performance is the name of the game. The Super Deluxe Coil Ultimate was designed to meet all the demands of the latest and greatest hard hitting enduro and trail bikes. Featuring Maxima Plush fluid, solid threshold adjustment for pedalling performance, ride quality and compression adjustment to fine tune for any condition. The unmistakable feel of a coil spring all packed into RockShox’s Super Deluxe design.

  • Maxima Plush damping fluid reduces friction and improves smoothness
  • Ultimate high gloss graphics package and Signature “BoXXer” red coil option
  • Low Speed Compression adjustment allowing the end user to fine tune their compression needs from our base tune
  • Ride defining Low Speed Compression/Low Speed Rebound control you know and love from SDLX

For help choosing your spring, please refer to our guide here.


RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate Coil 210x55 Body (415g)

Body only for Super Deluxe Coil. Don't forget to add your spring!

LL1320S Tune suitable for Bird Aethers. Hardware is supplied if you buy this with a frame, if bought on its own you'll need hardware.

Only 2 left in stock

MRP Enduro SL Spring (261g - 455g)

MRP Enduro SL springs feature an advanced wind that reduces weight and length compared to traditional steel springs, giving you all the benefits of coil suspension without the weight penalty of standard steel springs or the expense of more exotic material options.

No more searching for the correct rate, stroke, and free length - these springs are offered in a single free length per rate that fits most shocks from 200 (7.875") to 230mm. All Enduro SL springs accomodate up to 65mm of shock stroke. A 38mm ID fits our Hazzard shock and Rock Shox models natively, and spacer kits are available to use with other makes and models.