Cane Creek 40 Headset Bearings – Standard


Genuine replacement bearings for your Cane Creek 40 series headset.

Please note due to the way CC supply these (same size pairs), we sometimes need to remove the bearings from their original packaging.


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Replacement headset bearings for your Bird bike.

Includes both top and bottom headset bearings.

Fits all Bird frames fitted with Cane Creek 40, 110 or Angleset headsets.

All Bird bikes use ZS44 / ZS56. What does this mean?  Well, the diameter of the inside of our headtubes is 44mm at the top, and 56mm at the bottom.  The ZS part stands for “Zero Stack”.

Most of our complete bikes ship with Cane Creek 40 headsets, which use 41mm top bearings (for the 1 1/8″ steerer tube) and 52mm lower bearings (for the 1.5″ tapered steerer tube).



Standard bearings from the Cane Creek 40 are steel, whereas the Cane Creek 110 headset uses stainless steel bearings which are compatible.

Here are the Cane creek part numbers, type and RRP of replacement headset bearings for your Bird Bike:


Stock Code Outer Diameter Series RRP
CBAA0006K 52mm (1.5″) 40 (Steel) £12.99
CBAA0006S 52mm (1.5″) 110 (Stainless) £32.99
CHSS2030 41mm (1″1/8) 40 (Steel) £14.99
CHSS2031 41mm (1″1/8) 110 (Stainless) £39.99


Upper bearing dimensions 30mm x 41mm  x 6.5mm  36º/45º angle.

Lower bearing dimensions 40mm x 52mm  x 6.5mm  36º/45º angle