Aeris 140 Full Suspension

All mountain. Enduro. Freeride. Trail. Or to put it another way, mountain biking. That’s what the Aeris is for – riding up stuff and down again with maximum enjoyment. Designed from the ground up by us, suspension performance and ride characteristics came top of the list at the start of this project. What we ended up with blew us away, a bike that pedals better than anything you’ve ever ridden, fits you perfectly and begs you for more when you open up the gas. Low bottom bracket, slack head angle and no compromise 140/150mm rear suspension all add up into one of the fastest bikes on the UK enduro race circuit, with the results to back this up. If you can only have one bike, this is it.

27.5″ Wheels
Tapered Head Tube
142×12 rear axle
Threaded bottom bracket
Full external cable routing

Aeris size guide:
This table is for guidance and is based around a 40mm stem. Larger or Smaller frames can be suitable depending on stem length and riding style. If in doubt, a good guide is to find the ETT (effective top tube, or horizontal top tube) of a frame that you are comfortable riding, and add the stem length to this number (for example, 600+60 = 660). Compare this to the ETT + stem of the Bird frame that you are considering. Feel free to call us for more detailed sizing advice.

Frame Size XS S M L XL
Min Height (Imperial) – 5’3″ 5’6″ 5’9″ 6’0″
Max Height (imperial) 5’5″ 5’8″ 5’10” 6’3″ –
Min Height (Metric) – 160cm 168cm 175cm 183cm
Max Height (Metric) 165cm 173cm 178cm 191cm –

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