International Payments


From January 2021 Bird now supports international payments. This lets you see what you will be charged without any nasty surprises from your card company.

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Currencies Supported

We’re offering our most used currency options.

  • Euro
  • US Dollar
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Swedish Krona
  • Danish Krone
  • Norwegian Krone
Payment Methods Supported

You can use PayPal for all overseas currencies (including paying by card without a PayPal account) and a low cost bank transfer option for USD and EUR.

PayPal transactions can be made in the normal options for your country including PayPal Finance and local payment methods where supported.

If you do not want to pay via PayPal for any reason, just checkout in GBP and you can use our normal secure payment gateway with any Visa or Mastercard. You will be charged in UK Sterling.

How Much Does It Cost?

We incur additional fees when processing and handling currencies other than our own which is built into our exchange rate. What you see is what you will pay without extra fees. We’ve worked that out for you already.

It may be possible to use a prepaid currency card or similar in order to gain a slightly better exchange rate, if you wish to do so you are free to do so – just select GBP as your checkout currency and you will not be charged any additional fees from our side.

Bank Transfer Discount

We offer a 2% discount for international customers making payment by bank transfer which will be calculated at checkout. If you paying from overseas and are able to make a wire from a European or US account this will almost certainly be your cheapest option.

You must select the currency of the bank transfer account you would like to use on checkout i.e. if you wish to transfer from a Euro account to our Euro account please check out in Euro.