Events Factory

Our factory in the north of England, not far from the Scottish Borders is the hub for all things going on in the northern half of the UK at Bird. Whether its assembling your next Bird bike, or delivering suspension set up advice at your local trailhead, its all co-ordinated from the Bird Factory in Consett, County Durham.

Whats happening Next?

1st December 2019, Hamsterley Descend Bike Park

Suspension Tuning, Coil Shock Testing and Trailhead Demos

We’re running Suspension Tuning, Coil Shock tests and demos on Sunday the 1st December from our test hut at Descend Bike Park. Direct access onto the red & black trails, as well as being right on the Main Line DH run means there’s no better spot to be located for some testing.

Book online for either suspension set up and tuning, or our trailhead demo day right here.